Where I stand – fall 09

A lot of curiosity arises amongst friends and family of my current status. “Why only one class this semester? Why do you stay up so late? Do you really have lots of free time?” So I’ve decided to take the time to explain myself here.

As one might infer, I dislike working at school like any other student. I haven’t done very well in the past either. But why? Well, lack of effort really. What drives effort is motivation, and I really lacked motivation to pursue anything. School is dull.

Being unenthusiastic about school I put off signing up for classes in fall 2008 (last year). I then scrambled to find enough classes so I could have enough units to be considered a “full time” student. I eventually did, but I ended up taking the majority of my classes in the afternoon and evening. Now I’m no stranger to the night, but I almost always fell asleep before 3AM. My last class of the day would end at 10PM now (the tue-thurs schedule at least), I would then go home and eat. Now you could interpret this multiple ways: either my food clock keeps me awake longer into the night, or I could have simply been trying to make up lost time on the computer. Either way I was staying up later as a result, and this became the norm.

The bright side is, not everyone works nights. I was confident going into summer that I could land a night job. I even slacked quite a bit in my spring classes thinking I could become independent of school entirely if I could land a good job during the summer. That’s not to say I didn’t know competition would be high during the summer – I tried applying to places while still in school. But rejection is hard to follow up on… for someone who could use a little motivation.

Needless to say I didn’t land a job during the summer and when fall finally rolled around I scrambled for school again. I like to think I learned something over the summer though — through the places I visited and the people I met.

School is easier than finding a job.

So here I am in school again after being able to catch one class by luck at the last minute. But my luck is running thin with my parents. I have to finish up school in two or three years and get out of here.

More details on what I’ve been up to in a bit.

2 Responses to “Where I stand – fall 09”

  • nice blog so far! yeah, i totally know what you mean, a few years ago, I was stuck in the same place. when you don’t relaly know where youa re going and are just sitting through one meaningless class to the next it’s pretty horrible. I still get it from tiem to time nowadays.

  • Thanks! I’ve since finished that semester and started a new one. This is actually my first week of school. I really need to update this thing!

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