New mix! Spring cleaning for your ears

…Remove one type of wax with another for a different type of spring cleaning. :P

(Wish I had been that clever when I originally named this mix.)

Logo by DJF member buddy UK

I have been working on getting this out the door for awhile now. I finally put down the foot and released this properly with a cover and cue file.
You can stream (and download in wav) at soundcloud:

Or you can download a nicely compressed version (with a cue file!!!) here:
(well, until that link expires I suppose)

I worked forever on coloring the logo but in the end I settled for just darkening the lines, getting rid of the excess paper-noise (it’s form a scan), and cleaning up the jpeg noise a bit. I then slapped the vinyl look together and voila! I’m still a bit busy so I can’t go on blogging about stuff yet. I just wanted to get this out for ya’ll first.

This reminds me I made a little faderwave promo. Check it:

I won’t be playing until this Friday though, sorry!

3 Responses to “New mix! Spring cleaning for your ears”

  • Just stopping by to say I like how the sites moving along! I like the Faderwave promo, and I’ll be listening to the mix tommorow after I wake up. Keep it comming Nick!

  • I’m a really big fan of DJ’s in action. Your remixes are great, but try to keep the same pace of atmosphere for each piece of song so that it doesn’t confuse the audience. There are instances where you quickly change the tone of music and quickly gives the audience a short shock (not a great sign of music transition). Mixing is all about flowing and piecing together without any large pauses 6_^. Keep up the good work though. I’ll definitely support you and wish to see you in action in the future…If you’re mixing somewhere closeby in Toronto, Canada, let me know ^_^ so I can watch.

  • thank you for comment.
    I hope you enjoy every your hobbies.

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