New hard drive

Newegg had a killer deal on hard drives for St. Patrick’s day (10% off!) and I figured it was about time I upgraded this computer with some more hard drive space. I got a sweet Samsung 640GB HD for about $64ish -shipped. This one.

The manual has these cute little drawings on it telling what not to do, I love these kind of things.

The face on the sun: ^_^;

And while scanning that I managed to blue screen my printer/scanner.

I now officially have 5 Hard drives and one CD/DVD drive. Inside the case it’s a MESS of wires and cables. I don’t even want to open it for a picture, it’s just a mess. It’s not like I don’t try and organize it either, there’s just that much crap in my case. Ever socket, slot, and plug is taken up in my computer. It’s madness! Insane! I need some sleep!

Good night.

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  • I’m thinking I really should get another internal HD, but I’m out of sata ports and I don’t want to buy a card. I might disconnect one of my optical drives, since I don’t really need two in the same box.

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