Daybreak Reprise

daybreakblogver(you can tell I used a different camera for this)

Woohoo my new Ken Ishii CD came! Already… hm… I still have two vinyl records somewhere floating around in the mail system that I honestly thought would arrive way before this thing. King Street Records better not be pulling my leg… or else. I’m giving them a month to get it to my door from wherever they are on the east coast. I think that should be plenty of time. Yea I don’t trust record labels…

Anyway here’s a copy-pasta from what I wrote on another website:

This is probably only the second CD I’ve ever imported from Japan, the other being the Radio Allergy soundtrack of all things. (Radilgy)

I’m a huuuge Ken Ishii fan so it’s about time I imported this release. I think I posted about this here when it first released…

And indeed I also posted about it here on the blog as well

Oddly enough I had to sign for this when it arrived and because I was sleeping in I missed the mail man when he came to my door! Quickly realizing what I just potentially missed I leaped out of bed and ran down the street after him until the next mailbox (not too far away really). Everything was kinda blurry… and I signed my name kinda wonky (I gave it an extra “i”), but it was so worth it.

Picture was taken on my Technics for lack of a better background, as you can see I started unwrapping the plastic before I decided “-wait! I should take a picture.” ^_^;

Great album BTW, ate breakfast and listened to the mix CD. The unmixed CD will come in handy for DJ mixes.

All the tracks are gold. Great remixes from 7th Gate, Fabrice lig, Los hermanos (a UR offshoot), and others. Highly recommend this to any Techno lover though the price may be a bit steep for some – depending where you get it.

You can bet I’ll be taking this baby to my next session in Guitar center.

Edit: I’ve added a new category of links to my page: “Profiles” Which has links to me on DJforums, SoundCould, MusicV2, and Youtube. Potentially Myspace again in the future, but don’t count on it. Especially since I can now annoy contact my favorite artists on places like youtube and SoundCloud.

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