Where I stand – fall 09

A lot of curiosity arises amongst friends and family of my current status. “Why only one class this semester? Why do you stay up so late? Do you really have lots of free time?” So I’ve decided to take the time to explain myself here.

As one might infer, I dislike working at school like any other student. I haven’t done very well in the past either. But why? Well, lack of effort really. What drives effort is motivation, and I really lacked motivation to pursue anything. School is dull.

Being unenthusiastic about school I put off signing up for classes in fall 2008 (last year). I then scrambled to find enough classes so I could have enough units to be considered a “full time” student. I eventually did, but I ended up taking the majority of my classes in the afternoon and evening. Now I’m no stranger to the night, but I almost always fell asleep before 3AM. My last class of the day would end at 10PM now (the tue-thurs schedule at least), I would then go home and eat. Now you could interpret this multiple ways: either my food clock keeps me awake longer into the night, or I could have simply been trying to make up lost time on the computer. Either way I was staying up later as a result, and this became the norm.

The bright side is, not everyone works nights. I was confident going into summer that I could land a night job. I even slacked quite a bit in my spring classes thinking I could become independent of school entirely if I could land a good job during the summer. That’s not to say I didn’t know competition would be high during the summer – I tried applying to places while still in school. But rejection is hard to follow up on… for someone who could use a little motivation.

Needless to say I didn’t land a job during the summer and when fall finally rolled around I scrambled for school again. I like to think I learned something over the summer though — through the places I visited and the people I met.

School is easier than finding a job.

So here I am in school again after being able to catch one class by luck at the last minute. But my luck is running thin with my parents. I have to finish up school in two or three years and get out of here.

More details on what I’ve been up to in a bit.

Summer in a (large) nutshell

Lots of things to catch up on since my last update. But first, you should know you can now follow every second of my life on twitter: http://twitter.com/NPC82

With the help of some friends and research I’ve finally found some records stores worth visiting in Sacramento. It’s been difficult but I think I’ve finally found a steady supply of vinyl for good prices. I’ve been wanting to write reviews for each store I’ve been to here in the valley so far. I started it at one point and sort of forgot about it. Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon and post it on DJForums.

Picture of inside “Records” in Sacramento California.

Finding “Records” is a whole story in itself. Long story short: Mike and I were trying to find places to go and the website hadn’t been updated in 3 years or so. A few days later I found it on my own and took the picture above. Great store.

Mike and I also ventured to a few other stores in Sac. including HFE (electronics store) where I picked up a replacement headphone jack for my mixer. Installing it was a challenge, as finding the exact part was near impossible, but it was close enough and with a bit of craftiness I made it work! My Soldering could use some work… I want to start at least two other projects before the summer is over. Preferably starting with something cheap.
I wrote the above about a month ago. I never posted it, so I’ll be summarizing a lot in order to catch up to where I am today…

I’ve since vacationed to Florida (Daytona) to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday, and managed to catch a few good days at the beach while I was there. There’s nothing like boogy boarding in warm water and having cold drinks on the beach. Ahhhh~ It was very interesting to see a part of my barely-related family on the east coast. I wish some of them didn’t live all the way over there in Florida so I could visit them more.

When I came back I caught up with some anime (Haruhi) and uploaded a few things I made with the DS over in Florida to my sound cloud account. Which now reminds me, I made a quick compilation of Techno with a few DJForum members before I left for Florida. You can download it here:
Or stream with soundcloud here:


Haruhi has been in a strange but amusing loop recently, called “the endless eight”. I just posted my thoughts on another blog so I’ll quote them here:

Yea the endless eight is repetitive, but you have to respect the bold decision to get the effect across to viewers. It’s not a shortcut either, every episode is entirely redone from the ground up, that’s dedication.

Never the less I hope they end the loop soon so we can continue with the rest of the story. I hope they make it all the way through the books.

I was really surprised by some of the backlash it’s received from Otaku, though I suppose that makes it all the more entertaining. I just hope the show dosen’t receive a cut in funding somewhere down the line, it’s been top notch quality so far and I would like to see it end that way.

A few months ago I noticed one of my Hard drives was loosing power so after my trip to Florida I decided it was time to get rid of it. I backed up one of the hard drives on removable media until I came up with the stupid idea to back up the HD I planned to move my OS to on my brand-new-and-seemingly-reliable hard drive instead of DVDs like I usually do. What happened exactly I will never know, but somewhere in the process of it all the newer drive died (possibly from all the abrupt restarts the other drive forced me to initiate) and I lost every thing on it plus the backup of the other drive I moved onto it.

…Luckily I had finished the only real (audio) projects I cared about, but I lost about 300GB of mixes, vinyl recordings, videos, music, anime, photos, ect.

Last week Mike invited me to tag along for the weekend on his trip to a place along the coast called “Sea Ranch” or “The Sea Ranch” depending on what map you read. It’s a small coastal development about two hours north of San Fransisco next to Salt Point State Park. Very beautiful coastline scenery and excellent weather all year around thanks to the Marine layer

I tried to squeeze in as much hiking and sight seeing as I could. Though Mike’s family is the more laid back variety when it comes to vacationing, as they say “Everyone vacations differently”. I tried not to come off as pushy or rude… though waking up Mike was fun. hehe

Now I’m home again with nothing really planned between here and fall. My sister is finally moving out on her way to Berkley, where she will be attending CAL, and I’m hoping to get off my arse and find a job before I start taking classes at Sierra College again. A DJ gig would be nice but I have some more networking to do. October is the “Love fest” event in SF (now called “love evolution”) where I plan to meet with as many fellow DJs as I can.

Thinking about making another Demo as soon as I get a hold of some new tracks, in the meantime you can always catch me on Faderwave.net from time to time.

New mix! Spring cleaning for your ears

…Remove one type of wax with another for a different type of spring cleaning. :P

(Wish I had been that clever when I originally named this mix.)

Logo by DJF member buddy UK

I have been working on getting this out the door for awhile now. I finally put down the foot and released this properly with a cover and cue file.
You can stream (and download in wav) at soundcloud:

Or you can download a nicely compressed version (with a cue file!!!) here:
(well, until that link expires I suppose)

I worked forever on coloring the logo but in the end I settled for just darkening the lines, getting rid of the excess paper-noise (it’s form a scan), and cleaning up the jpeg noise a bit. I then slapped the vinyl look together and voila! I’m still a bit busy so I can’t go on blogging about stuff yet. I just wanted to get this out for ya’ll first.

This reminds me I made a little faderwave promo. Check it:

I won’t be playing until this Friday though, sorry!

Return to the bay

(It’s been a few weeks since this event took place. I’ve been slacking… anyway…)

As you may or may not know. Since I’ve lost the majority of my relatives in the bay I have lost what was really my only connection to the bay (well except my uncle but we don’t hear from him much). It seems however the DJForums community may establish itself as my new connection to the bay.

I was wrapping up a night on faderwave.net when member “l0ckdown” (don’t know if he wants his real name here) mentioned he was playing in San Fransisco the very next day (by this time it was the same day) and some other DJForums members would be there as well. After some thought I decided to go for it! Apparently no one told him I was coming though haha. If I had not introduced myself I probably could have just blended in and been all ninja-like.

The car trip wasn’t so bad, traffic was surprisingly light that day and I was cruising at 75M/H most of the time. It was a little windy in Vacaville but I kept the car under control. It was kinda like one big F-ZeroGX adventure! Man I used to love that game… maybe too much.

So here I was making my first return to the bay in about 9 months.

Don’t ask how I took that.

I parked on 15th street, near the entrance of a UCSF parking lot (one of many apparently). It was free and there was a cop parked in the lot 20 feet from my car. It felt pretty safe there, on top of the fact my car has nothing flashy or valuable inside of it.

Walking on my way over to the event I came upon this gem. Awesome stuff. A quick look up on google street view proves this thing actually moves!

Keep on truckin’

l0ckdown on the decks! er… midi controller. No shame in that… wish I had one myself. Though I DJ to get away from the computer in some ways.

In typical bay fashion, the weather got pretty chilly in about an hour. Everyone huddled inside the kitchen with only a brave few coming out on the “dance floor”.

Music was good overall, but it was the people at the party that made it really interesting. Everyone was very positive and outgoing, and not just the dudes from DJforums. Even the VJ (who kinda sucked) was really nice. Supposedly the event was for some fund raiser to help some tribal guys in Northern Tibet(?) who were in a tough situation. (Think: Native Americans in the early 20th century) No one really understood it… and it was kind of questionable, but whatever, if was fun. I can imagine it’s pretty hard to explain things when there’s loud music and beer within proximity of each other. The organizers were super nice — charming, even. You would almost hate to doubt their cause. lol

As I left l0ck made the most flattering statement I’ve ever heard!

You’re the best Deep House DJ on DJforums

Whoa! No way he was serious about that. :P
Coincidentally it had been exactly one year since I bought my first turntable.

On such a positive note, I definitely want to return to the bay again. The dance scene in the valley is almost exclusively Trance while the bay is much more diverse and understanding of house music methinks. Next up on the agenda is to attend the next “love fest” and then maybe getting into some clubs in the bay.

More DJ adventures on the way! I just finished spring break and I have plenty of material to ramble about. Plenty.

Quick update 4/6/08

I’ve been slacking on the updates, but I assure you I have some articles/journals on the way.

I’ve been sorta busy here-n-there with faderwave, school, and pointlessly surfin’ around the web.

Yea you know where I’m coming from with that. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading my blog.

You slacker you.

I have a mix on the way, then an article or two, and then some updates. Maybe you’ve noticed (or maybe not), but just as I’ve put up a link to my MusicV2 profile the other week, the site has thrown in the towel. Sad times. Good thing I wasn’t a paying member.

Oh and we revived the inanity podcast.

Check it.

NPC out. (…and back to “spring cleaning” out my room)

New hard drive

Newegg had a killer deal on hard drives for St. Patrick’s day (10% off!) and I figured it was about time I upgraded this computer with some more hard drive space. I got a sweet Samsung 640GB HD for about $64ish -shipped. This one.

The manual has these cute little drawings on it telling what not to do, I love these kind of things.

The face on the sun: ^_^;

And while scanning that I managed to blue screen my printer/scanner.

I now officially have 5 Hard drives and one CD/DVD drive. Inside the case it’s a MESS of wires and cables. I don’t even want to open it for a picture, it’s just a mess. It’s not like I don’t try and organize it either, there’s just that much crap in my case. Ever socket, slot, and plug is taken up in my computer. It’s madness! Insane! I need some sleep!

Good night.

Daybreak Reprise

daybreakblogver(you can tell I used a different camera for this)

Woohoo my new Ken Ishii CD came! Already… hm… I still have two vinyl records somewhere floating around in the mail system that I honestly thought would arrive way before this thing. King Street Records better not be pulling my leg… or else. I’m giving them a month to get it to my door from wherever they are on the east coast. I think that should be plenty of time. Yea I don’t trust record labels…

Anyway here’s a copy-pasta from what I wrote on another website:

This is probably only the second CD I’ve ever imported from Japan, the other being the Radio Allergy soundtrack of all things. (Radilgy)

I’m a huuuge Ken Ishii fan so it’s about time I imported this release. I think I posted about this here when it first released…

And indeed I also posted about it here on the blog as well

Oddly enough I had to sign for this when it arrived and because I was sleeping in I missed the mail man when he came to my door! Quickly realizing what I just potentially missed I leaped out of bed and ran down the street after him until the next mailbox (not too far away really). Everything was kinda blurry… and I signed my name kinda wonky (I gave it an extra “i”), but it was so worth it.

Picture was taken on my Technics for lack of a better background, as you can see I started unwrapping the plastic before I decided “-wait! I should take a picture.” ^_^;

Great album BTW, ate breakfast and listened to the mix CD. The unmixed CD will come in handy for DJ mixes.

All the tracks are gold. Great remixes from 7th Gate, Fabrice lig, Los hermanos (a UR offshoot), and others. Highly recommend this to any Techno lover though the price may be a bit steep for some – depending where you get it.

You can bet I’ll be taking this baby to my next session in Guitar center.

Edit: I’ve added a new category of links to my page: “Profiles” Which has links to me on DJforums, SoundCould, MusicV2, and Youtube. Potentially Myspace again in the future, but don’t count on it. Especially since I can now annoy contact my favorite artists on places like youtube and SoundCloud.

Another vinyl haul


More Vinyl is here! (well I put away the vinyl in this picture… but I left out the boxes… you get the idea)

I got two of them on the same day, and another one today. I’ve still got one in transit from the UK, and a lot of 5 coming from the bay this weekend. The Ken Ishii CD “Daybreak Reprise -Sunriser Remixed” has started shipping from Japan… I don’t expect that any time soon.

Among these recently purchased records I’ve acquired two from Ibadan records – both of which I consider absolute gems. Deep house can be hard to “Get” for some people though, so I can’t really explain why I like them so much other than the fact I think they’re rich in musical complexity and awesomeness. You will definitely be able to hear me playing these two babies on Faderwave. What can I say, I like my house deep, chilled, and shaken – not stirred.

To my blog roll I’ve added Ben Turner (AKA: NTO) who’s a fellow “guerrilla faderwave DJ” as I like to put it. He mainly mixes drum and bass for all you DNB heads out there – so check out his mixes, bookmark his site, ect.

Now on the subject matter of my demo CD, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to (bleh). I’ve been slacking on coloring in my logo as well. I’ll probably just post up one of the mixes here in a few days and save the artwork for another occasion.

I’ll probably post it to SoundCloud which is pretty neat BTW.
Check out the demo video at:
And my weak little tracks made with the DS-10:

I’m working on learning reaper… sorta… I’ll get around to it.

Vinyl insanity

The time is 5:08Am and I’ve just ordered five more records on top of the twelve en route already. Plus one CD. I think I just sort of wanted to get these out of the way. I found some gems – for cheap – and I couldn’t resist.

Also, these additional five are shipping from dancerecords.com, an online vinyl shop that’s based no more than 108miles from my house (according to google)! They should arrive in a matter of days… and not weeks. Apparently Saturday if DR estimates correctly.

They would be insane if all my records I ordered from last week arrived on the same day.

I need to sleep now, I have some extra credit class I want to attend in the afternoon.

New blog!

Yay! This baby is up and running!

Currently running wordpress and the K2 theme with some minor modifications thanks to mike. The coolest part is in the Java script tricks employed in the search field and “older” button. It essentially allows you to search my entire blog in real time. And yes, it’s all here, nothing from my past has been spared. That’s how I roll.

Stay tuned for more updates coming down the road. Including a two part demo mix, and ramblings of my latest events in life. I really want this newer blog to be more open-ended and general.

Who knows what I’ll post! woo!